Yakushima is an island located south of Kyushu and is part of Kagoshima’s Prefecture territory. This island is one of the less built up places in Japan. Its unique tropical and rainy weather, along with its forests, mountains and waterfalls make Yakushima one of the natural wonders of Japan. Its natural beauty is such that many parts of the island have been declared as UNESCO’s World Heritage sites. Yakushima has also been an inspiration for artists such as Hayao Miyazaki, who, inspired by its landscapes was able to illustrate the forests of the animated movie “Princess Mononoke.” This is why Yakushima is a must see destination not only for adventure seekers and nature lovers, but for anyone planning a visit to Japan.

Yakushima’s weather cannot be compared to the weather in any other region in Japan. It is extremely rainy, which is why, among the locals, there is a phrase that says that in Yakushima “it rains for 35 days a month.” This may sound li

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Expomanga 2014

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Este evento se celebra en Madrid ininterrumpidamente desde 2002. Es el segundo evento más importante a nivel nacional, solo superado por el Salón del manga de Barcelona. “Otakus” y aficionados a la cultura japonesa se reúnen durante 3 días: viernes, sábado y domingo para reunirse con sus amigos y conocer gente nueva que compartan esta afición por el país del sol naciente.


En las distintas ediciones hay varios concursos como el popular concurso de Cosplay que se suele celebrar los domingos por la mañana y el concurso de karaoke donde los fans de las series de anime quieren exhibir sus actuaciones intentando cantar lo mejor posible en japonés.


En este año (2014) se celebró del 16 al 18 de mayo en el Pabellón de Cristal de la Casa de Campo en Madrid.  Se celebraron varias actividades y concursos, se dieron  premios a los mejores cómics del año, hubo juegos de mesa, varias exposiciones de autores nacionales de manga como Kenny Ruiz y el Estudio Kosen y una dedicad

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Recommended places in Kagoshima



Green Guest House


Without a doubt, the best place to stay in Kagoshima is the Green Guest House. It has a very convenient location, no further than a 10 minute walk from Tenmonkan and only 5 minutes away from Dolphin Port and the ports where the ferries depart, towards Sakurajima and Yakushima. Additionally, GGH has a policy to support travelers, therefore they will always lend a hand to people visiting Kagoshima, by recommending places to visit, helping to plan a trip or even assisting with making reservations of tickets and accommodation for travelers that cannot speak the Japanese language.


The facilities of GGH are extremely clean, with available options for every budget and taste. If you are on a budget and you don’t mind sharing a room, you can pay 1,800 Yen for a night at one of the split (male and female) dormitories or 2,300 to stay in a “capsule” in the mixed dormitory. If you want to have a little bit mo

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Kagoshima is the southernmost city on the island of Kyushu. This city is famous for having beautiful landscapes and holds significant historical importance for Japan.   Originally known as Satsuma, during Japan’s feudal period; it was home to one of the most influential and powerful Daimyos of The Land of the Rising Sun, ruling over a territory that reached as far as Okinawa. The Satsuma Clan was one of the Samurai Families that supported and lead the Meiji restoration (1868), by being one of the main military forces that defeated the Shogunate. However, the clan later became one of the Shogunates greatest critics, and in 1877, under the leadership of the legendary Saigo Takamori, it rose up against the decisions of the new government, an event known as the Satsuma Rebellion. This battle that symbolized the struggle between the new and the old order, made Saigo Takamori into a hero figure that fought against injustice. The American movie“The Last Samurai” vaguely depicts

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