Tokashiki Island_Aharen beach

Okinawa is often regarded as the “Japanese Hawaii”. It is a southern chain of Japanese islands and its tropical-subtropical climate makes it a great resort destination throughout most of the year (except for the rainy season (late April-early June) and typhoon season (July-August)). Okinawa also has its own culture and people welcome you as warmly as the weather. The word “Okinawa” itself means “the rope in the open sea” due to its long stretch of islands. Only 49 of the islands of Okinawa are inhabited and the remaining 111 are uninhabited.


Travelling in Okinawa


Transportation. This might be one of the challenges for those, who are planning to do backpacking in Okinawa. Unlike most parts of Japan, the transportation system in Okinawa is not very advanced, but it is quite costly. The majority of tourists commute using taxis, which can be found practically anywhere. But if you are a budget traveler you can use the car-rent serv

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