On the 28th of December, the doors of the Tokyo Big Sight opened again to welcome thousands of people eager to spend three days in the World’s biggest marketplace for fanworks centered on anime, manga and video games.


The Comic Market, often abbreviated to ‘Comiket’, takes place twice a year, in summer and in winter, in Odaiba, an artificial island in Tokyo Bay, and is the best place to both buy and sell all sorts of anime/ manga related goods. Its main focus is the exhibition and distribution of Doujinshi, self-published magazines that are created by individuals, usually amateurs, though there are also some professional artists who like to publish material related to other manga series.


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After the Halloween parties and celebrations are over, Tokyo and its surroundings start to brighten up for upcoming holiday season: Christmas and New Year. In the recent years, illuminations gained popularity and many people look forward to this time of year as they enjoy the holiday atmosphere created by the illuminations. Below, are some of the best illuminations in Tokyo that we think are definitely worth a visit:


Seibuen-yuenchi illuminations


Seibuen-yuenchi is an amusement park located in Saitama, accessed by Seibu-Yuenchi station or Yuenchi-nishi stations of Seibu line. It has varying attractions depending on the season; for instance, in the winter it changes into a winter wonderland.


We would recommend visiting this illumination to those who enjoy large-scale illuminations alongside music and other attractions. It is lots of fun to visit

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