Theme Cafés in Japan

T&B 7

There are cafés all over the world, but if you want a totally different experience that exceeds typical cafe dining, you have to go to Japan – more precisely, to Tokyo!


There is an endless range of theme cafés to suit everyone. For instance, if you like animals, there are the famous cat cafés or you could try a more unusual one, such as a goat or even an owl café.

If you prefer to have your coffee served by a waiter or waitress who’s easy on the eyes, then try a maid or butler café.


For anyone looking for an even more unique experience than that, the following list of cafes might interest you. Since pop culture is everywhere in Japan, it seems only natural to have anime and manga related themed cafés. Some of them, like the ‘Animate Cafés’ (that belong to the same-named shops, famous for selling anime, manga and related goods) change their featured series every few months, while others have a fixed series and location, such as the ‘Gundam Café’ at Akihabara

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