Robot restaurant


What is Robot restaurant?

The name of this restaurant might be misleading as it’s not quite a restaurant and it’s not entirely robot themed, although it does feature robots. There are several drinks you can choose from and a 1000 yen traditional Japanese bento (lunch box). However, a trip to Robot Restaurant is more about the unique entertainment, than about the food, as during your visit, you’ll see a performance including live music, dancers, a robot fight and more, all in a backdrop of colours and lights galore. A visit to Robot restaurant will surely be one of the highlights of your Tokyo experience.



Why to go there?

The performance is dynamic, crazy and rather spectacular. Even the waiting room (Rainbow Lounge) where everyone gathers before the show, has 12,000 bulbs on the walls and claims to “put even Las Vegas to shame”.

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Nature: Mountains. Woods.  Temples. Flowers. These words define the beautiful mountainous area west of Saitama prefecture – Chichibu.

Moss Pink Park

Chichibu is easy to get to from the Tokyo area, so recently it was promoted as a good “weekend getaway” for Japanese young professionals. Due to its proximity to the metropolitan area, it is becoming a very popular sightseeing spot during moss phlox (moss pink – “shibazakura”) blossom period (mid April – early May) as many people come here to enjoy the beautiful nature. Hitsujiyama park (literally “mountain of sheep”) is a place where you can see about 400,000 moss phloxes spread out in the area of approximately 17600 square meters.

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Beppu is a city located in Oita prefecture on the island of Kyushu, known for its many unique hot springs. When you arrive at Beppu station, the statue of the “Shiny Uncle” welcomes you heartily. It is the statue of Kumahachi Aburaya, a Meiji Era entrepreneur famous for his contribution to the increase in tourism in Beppu and all over Japan. He is also known for his love of children. The concept of the “Eight Hells of Beppu”, which are eight hot springs in Beppu for viewing, rather than bathing, is attributed to him. He was greatly inspired by his trip to North America and implemented many new ideas upon his return to Japan. Why not visit Japan and get inspired too with a trip to Beppu?


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Ashikaga Flower Park


Would you like to visit a place listed in the 2014 dream vacation wish-list by CNN? Do you want to see almost 150-year-old Wisteria, which has been described as “almost identical to Avatar’s spiritual Tree of Souls” ? If you enjoy feeling at one with nature, then Ashikaga Flower Park is definitely the place for you.


It is open year-round and depending on the season, there are 8 distinct flower seasons a year in the park.

1)    To see Pheasant’s eye, Christmas rose and Winter Clematis blooming, the Spring season is recommended, which lasts from early January to late February

2)    For Tulips, Crocus and Thunberg’s meadowsweet, come to the Spring Flower Festival from early March to mid-April

3)    For Japanese Wisteria, Azalea and Peony, then visit during Wisteria Story season from mid April to mid May

4)    Rainbow Garden season is for people, who enjoy Roses, Rhododendrons and Clematis. It is from mid May to early June

5)    At Blue and

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