Sailor Moon Crystal

sailormoon characters

Are you a big fan of “Sailormoon”, the anime series? Was it how you became interested in Japan? Do you know the names of all the characters and enjoy long discussions with your friends about why your favourite is the best?



Then I have some great news for you! There is a “Sailormoon” novelty cafe in Tokyo currently being featured in an ever-changing themed venue. Located in the entertainment district of Kabukicho in Shinjuku, it is the third time a “Sailormoon” themed cafe has been hosted by this venue, due to its popularity. This time around it will be open until the 28th of September.



When you enter the cafe, which is located right by the Godzilla cinema, you will see tables for two lined up in 3 rows. There are TV screens on the walls showing the series with music on in the background. You can also request a “Sailormoon” song that you’d most like to hear.

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I love Lolita Fashion


Lolita fashion in Ukraine


Ukraine is the largest country in Europe, but the JSF and Lolita communities are very small – there counts not more than 30 Lolita lifestylers in the whole country. Ukraine is not much economically powerful and the laws here miss mark PayPal and international banking standards, so shopping from Japan brands is expensive and hard. But that’s why, girls in Ukraine, who like the Lolita fashion, work more on their looks, not on their wardrobe quantity.


The biggest Lolita communities in Ukraine base in the capital city – Kyiv. The most famous is “Ichigo Kissaten”, which consists of 8 active members and leaders. They make lots of their own photoshoots, organize meet-ups and help novices. They even have their own Lolita and cosplay handmade atelier! Most of the girls have been in the style for more than 5 years, some of them even visi

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I love Fashion

Memoirs of Geisha 5

First-prize winner   Kseniya


I’m in love with asian culture and asian movies. What about this shooting – I wanted to make something in “Memoirs of Geisha” movie style from the moment when I saw it the first time. Dance “Snow” was so beautiful…and I decided to show how I feel it.

I found a beautiful kimono, ordered a japan wig (150 cm!) and organized a team. After I spent much time retouching these photos.  I can say that it’s my creative child and I was very glad when I finished everything. At the moment “Memoirs of Geisha” is my favorite shooting.





The winner of our fashion photo contest is Ms. Kseniya Arhangelova, who submitted a great photo.


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