Animal cafe

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Tokyo is a place full of surprises and the increasing number and variety of animal and pet cafes that have been cropping up,  will not fail to interest animal lovers. Even if you’re not an animal lover per say, a visit to a Japanese pet themed café is a unique experience not to be missed!


Penguin bar is the only place in Tokyo, where you can enjoy drinking and eating in the company of penguins. The penguins are at the far end of the room behind the glass in a mid-size aquarium. If you are lucky and your visit overlaps the penguins’ meal time, you might get the chance to feed them. The Interior of the café is all penguin themed starting with hand towels (oshibori – A traditional Japanese towel used to clean the hands before eating) to the water pitchers. As a bar, it offers a variety of drinks, and has a good selection of alcoholic beverages. Penguin themed food and desserts are also available. With only a few tables and bar seats, this place can only fit a limited number o

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