Sailormoon Exhibition

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Sailormoon lovers, rejoice! Roppongi Hills in Tokyo is holding a Sailormoon Exhibition this year from 16 April to 19 June. It is the first exhibition of the “Pretty Guardian”, but judging by its popularity, it won’t be the last!


The exhibition features Sailormoon related original art works from the author – Naoko Takeuchi, among other goods. The exhibition will be split up into different sections. As you walk in, you will enter a Moon Castle themed area, where you’ll see a life-sized Sailormoon set against the background of Tokyo tower, which you often see in the series. The decorations depict all Sailor-warriors and there is an exceptionally beautiful, large-scale projection of Sailormoon as a princess on the wall. At the centre of the exhibition you can find Sailor goods, and novelty items such as pillows in the shape of Luna’s face.

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