Fuji-san (Mt. Fuji)

view of Fuji_from far

Have you always been fascinated by the beauty of Mt Fuji? Ever wondered why the view of Mt Fuji has such spiritual significance for the Japanese? What’s behind this site referred to by UNESCO as “Fuji-san (Mt. Fuji), sacred place and source of artistic inspiration”?   In the past, Mt Fuji (or Fuji-san in Japanese) was visited as a place of pilgrimage. People believed that they could purify themselves from their past sins and worries by making the trip to Fuji. Back then, before accessible and affordable transportation systems were in place, people had to save money or ask for donations from friends and family in order to take this spiritual trip. Along the route to Mt. Fuji there were many shrines and temples built, sacred places discovered and guesthouses visited. Nowadays, there are trains running to and from Fuji, with a Fuji and a Fuji-san train station. From the stations there are buses running up to the 5th station of Mt. Fuji, so it’s never been easier to vi

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