Cat Cafés in Tokyo


In Japan, the concept of “cute” or “cuteness” is somewhat of a cult. Cats are cute. Independent, moody, graceful, beautiful, but also cute. So, it’s only logical that there should be many cat cafés in Japan. Yes, but simply “many” doesn’t even begin to describe it. You can find cat cafes in all the popular entertainment districts and there are a great variety of themes to satisfy any preference. Let us share with you some of our favourites.


A general rule at all cat cafes is that you have to wash your hands at the entrance and leave your belongings in a locker. Picking up the cats and taking pictures with a flash are not permitted. You can purchase snacks to feed the cats from the café menu but you’re not allowed to feed them with food bought from outside the café. We were pleasantly surprised and impressed that there were English-speaking staff on hand in all of the cafes we visited. Most of the cafes also had a comic book corner, where you could sit and read.


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Ninja restaurant


In the depths of Akasaka lies a place that holds the secrets of Japanese legendary underground warriors: it’s dark and dim like a cave and very few get the privilege of entering this secret place…it is in fact, a Ninja restaurant. It’s such a popular ninja restaurant, particularly among tourists, so making a prior reservation is a must.


The first thing you’ll notice when you enter the Ninja restaurant is that it resembles a cave: it’s dimly lit, the walls appear rocky and there’s little in the way of décor, making the ninja staff’s movements almost unnoticeable. You’ll start your experience with a tour through this cave which involves some running about in a small maze and crossing the “dangerous river” with the assistance of the ninja staff’s tricks and magic. Depending on your booking and the number of people in your group, you’ll be allocated a separate room or area of the restaurant.

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