about us

BMJ International Exchange Association is a general Incorporated association that was officially established in May 2013 with the purpose of promoting tourism and international exchange.  With the cooperation of international students from different cultural backgrounds, we conduct activities that help foreign citizens to understand and explore Japan and its culture.

International students, who study Japanese language and culture, and visit Japan, have worked together to create this website based on their unique perspectives.  They provide a fresh outlook on Japan, which will be enlightening, not to mention useful for those who wish to visit Japan.

A new unique culture that is a fusion between Japanese traditional culture and modern Western culture is on the rise in Japan. Tokyo is a fast paced city whose culture is always changing and adapting, which produces a new way of life and a fresh culture especially among the younger generations.  Kyoto is an ancient city with a long history and plenty of historical sites.  In Kyoto you will be surrounded by the beautiful, traditional architecture of ancient Japan, including temples, shrines, and Japanese gardens. It’s no wonder that many tourists feel as if time has stopped when they visit Kyoto. A unique contrast that both traditional and modern Japanese culture creates is visible in many areas of Japan.

We will continue to create a website that contains useful information for tourists traveling around Japan and contribute to cultural exchange between other countries and Japan through our activities. We believe that all tourists and visitors will have an unforgettable experience and enjoy the uniqueness of Japanese culture.