Capcom Bar

Thursday, November 28, 2013 Category : RECOMMENDATIONS, RECOMMENDED PLACES

If you are a fan of videogames, the Capcom Bar is an experience that you can’t miss!!!

Born from the collaboration of CAPCOM and Pasera Resort, comes this new concept in entertainment, in which the world of gaming is combined with a themed bar, in a customised lounge specially designed for you to have a great time with your friends.


The idea behind the Capcom Bar is to create a new space in which customers have a complete experience, in an environment in which they can play their favorite games, whilst enjoying themed drinks and dishes, specially created at the more popular franchises of Capcom. The menu is based on at least seven games (Sengoku Basara, Monster Hunter, Resident Evil, Phoenix Wright, Street Fighter, Okami and Dragon’s Dogma) that can rotate with others depending on the season. This way, you can find drinks such as the C-Virus Vaccine, from Resident Evil (Biohazard), which is served in a syringe, accompanied by an ice brain, which makes you feel as if you were really in the game; or maybe, you’d prefer a Kushinada’s Sakura Sake, directly from the world of Okami, to have a more Japanese experience; but if instead, you prefer to feel the strength of Ryu’s, the Street Fighter character, fists, we recommend that you try the Hadouken, but be careful, because if you drink too many of these you’ll be out of combat in no time.

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If you are hungry, you can try the Biohazard Pizza (Resident Evil Pizza), or maybe, you’d prefer to have a Monster Hunter’s Brown Meat, but be careful not to burn it, or you won’t be able to recover your stamina. Our recommendation is for you to order the onion rings pater “Objection!” from the game Ace Attorney: Phoenix Wright (Gyakuten Series), because the moment they bring it to your table, the bar will transform into a small court room, in which everybody, including customers and staff, will participate screaming all at once: “Objection!” while the judge tries to give his verdict. We also recommend you to try the “Crimson Fire” pasta bowl, from Okami, which includes crab, bathed in cream tomato sauce, served with a small flame in the middle, delicious and pleasing to the eye.


After dining, you can enjoy the small exhibitions that are held at the bar, which is decorated with paraphernalia of the most famous games of Capcom. You also have the option to buy exclusive items that will not be sold anywhere else. Finally, you can sit down with your friends and enjoy playing one of the exhibition games. However, don’t forget that you are allowed to be there for no more than two hours, so try to enjoy as much as possible and take full advantage of the experience. The staff are really nice, and they chat with customers about games or tell some interesting stories that have happened at the bar. Due to its popularity, you can only enter with a reservation that you can make in person or by phone. Remember you have to be very patient, because it can be hard to get a reservation. What worked for us was arriving as soon as it opened, and reserving a place for the evening. This way, you can have the whole day to enjoy the rest of the city, and close your evening by having dinner and sharing drinks at the Capcom Bar.

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The Capcom Bar is very easy to find. It is located in Shinjuku, one of the most central areas of Tokyo. To get there, you just need to get to the Shinjuku Station on the JR Yamanote line and exit through the East gate, heading towards Kabukicho. Afterwards, you just walk straight, passing through some buildings, until you see a bigger avenue that goes both ways (Yasukuni Dori). Cross the street and turn right; continue walking in that direction for two or three blocks, until you see a Mr. Donuts, and turn left. As you walk you’ll find the Pasela Resorts, home of the Capcom Bar, to your left.


For a better reference and for the reservations phone number, please visit the following webpage: