I love fashion

First-prize winner Myla Mishchenko


There are many reasons to love fashion…

Fashion is art. It erases barriers. It can take you from one part of the world to another. You can feel the culture of a country by wearing its national clothes. You may not know the language, but understand a person by looking at what he wears.


Fashion helps to express yourself. You can show your feelings, your mood, your thoughts through the clothes. If I feel sad – I wear a black dress. If I feel happy – I put on pink clothes. Fashion can help you to create yourself.


Fashion connects people. You feel closer to those who wear same clothes as you do. Iconic clothes can express your common interests. Fashion makes communities.


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I Love Music

<First prize winner>    Maria Feel


My life is music. I could never imagine my life with no music, as it takes up a huge part of me. It all started back when I was six, when my fingertips touched the piano and the sound tickled my ears. From that moment, my music passion thrived; every note, beat, or sound makes my world brighter. When I turned fifteen, I stepped out of my comfort zone and started to sing trying to break my fear. Also, I am following highly reputable and talented musicians to widen my musical talent, not to mention the fun times spent with friends and karaoke nights where the microphone is a part of me. Sometimes, When I am away from my musical instruments, I feel the strive of going back to my world. I usually play some music in my head that feeling never leaves me. I am always active when it comes to sharing music with people as I highly enjoy all music related aspects. To sum up, I believe music is an international la

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I love Cosplay

First-prize winner   Sonic


First of all, I’d like to tell that I was always in love with Japanese culture and because of this love now I’m studying Japanese language and literature at the university. Elf Elwing became my first cosplay ever so it will always be special for me. Well? I was thinking about making some cosplay for almost a year but couldn’t find the right character. And once, when I started watching anime “Shining tears x Wind” I saw Elwing and realized “That’s it! That’s what I’m looking for! She’s my character!” so I started working on this cosplay immediately and that was a real pleasure to work on character you love. I can certainly say that I put a part of my soul in Elwing cosplay.




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I love Lolita Fashion

Lolita fashion in Ukraine


Ukraine is the largest country in Europe, but the JSF and Lolita communities are very small – there counts not more than 30 Lolita lifestylers in the whole country. Ukraine is not much economically powerful and the laws here miss mark PayPal and international banking standards, so shopping from Japan brands is expensive and hard. But that’s why, girls in Ukraine, who like the Lolita fashion, work more on their looks, not on their wardrobe quantity.


The biggest Lolita communities in Ukraine base in the capital city – Kyiv. The most famous is “Ichigo Kissaten”, which consists of 8 active members and leaders. They make lots of their own photoshoots, organize meet-ups and help novices. They even have their own Lolita and cosplay handmade atelier! Most of the girls have been in the style for more than 5 years, some of them even visi

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I love Fashion

First-prize winner   Kseniya


I’m in love with asian culture and asian movies. What about this shooting – I wanted to make something in “Memoirs of Geisha” movie style from the moment when I saw it the first time. Dance “Snow” was so beautiful…and I decided to show how I feel it.

I found a beautiful kimono, ordered a japan wig (150 cm!) and organized a team. After I spent much time retouching these photos.  I can say that it’s my creative child and I was very glad when I finished everything. At the moment “Memoirs of Geisha” is my favorite shooting.





The winner of our fashion photo contest is Ms. Kseniya Arhangelova, who submitted a great photo.


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Cosplay in Mexico.

Interview with Mina and Jaky (Team Yorozuya Senpai), representatives of Mexico at the World Cosplay Summit 2014.


Nowadays, Cosplay is a cultural phenomenon that has expanded globally. The biggest proof of this is the World Cosplay Summit, an international contest in which 22 teams representing countries from all around the world participate to see who is the best cosplayer. This year, Mina and Jaky had the honor of representing Mexico, and won the Audience Award (Nico Nico Douga Award). We contacted them to have a short interview about how they first got in to cosplay, the Mexican scene, and what it meant to them to be able to represent their country at the WCS, and their image of Japan after fulfilling their dream to visit the country.


BMJ: When did you start doing cosplay?


TYS: Four years ago, we entered into the Cosplay world.


BMJ: How did you first approach the Cosplay world?


TYS: Well, to tell you the truth, we never

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Lolita Culture in Mexico

Interview with Gloria Capetillo, Lolita artist and illustrator living in Japan.


Harajuku is an area of Tokyo known for being the center of fashion for young people, a place where the subcultures of this enormous city live together. After walking just two steps down Takeshita Dori, you can immediately notice that this is more than just a commercial district, this is an area where Japanese youths come to express their individuality. In a society where being part of the community is very important, thanks to the subcultures such as Lolita, Goths, and even Punks, Harajuku has become the place where young people try to express themselves as individuals, making a stand to show who they are, without any restrictions. Without a doubt, this is a place that every person visiting Japan has to see at least once.


Across in front of this street, behind the famous Murasaki Sports store, you can find a small alley that will take you to the Design Festa Gallery, a space design

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¡Hola a todos! Antes que nada me gustaría felicitar a BMJ por su curiosa e interesante web y agradecer este premio que ha sido toda una sorpresa.


Me llamo Llarina y soy de España. Mi pasión por el Karaoke empezó cuando era muy pequeña. Me encantaba cantar las canciones de películas como Pocahontas, La Sirenita, Anastasia, y La princesa Cisne. Cuando cumplí 6 años descubrí lo que era el ánime con mi serie favorita: Sailor Moon. Me gustó tanto que cuando me regalaron mi primer PC, busqué nuevas series y cómics, y entonces descubrí Fushigi Yuugi, Chobits, Ayashi no Ceres, y varios doramas. Con 12 años me familiaricé con algunos cantantes asiáticos como Ayumi Hamasaki, Utada Hikaru y Bi-Rain, al igual que lo los términos J-pop, y K-pop.


Siempre me han gustado los idiomas, especialmente el inglés, el francés y el japonés, y me encanta hacer doblajes de series y películas cuando puedo. Hace poco empecé a apuntarme a concursos de Karaoke organiz

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I love Cosplay.

“Primero que todo queremos agradecer a Beautiful Misterious Japan por este maravilloso premio,  ¡nunca nos había pasado nada así! ¡Muchísimas gracias de verdad!

Es indescriptible el sentir que se valora tu trabajo, sobre todo si se pone tanto cariño y dedicación como en el cosplay.

Desde que nos conocimos hace diez años, nos ha atraído este hobby.

Como a muchos, historias que hemos visto y vivido a través de múltiples formas como el manga, el anime o los videojuegos nos han emocionado hasta ganarse lugares especiales en nuestro corazón y dentro de esas historias, personajes concretos. El cosplay es nuestro pequeño homenaje, es una ilusión inmensa poder caracterizarte de esos personajes que tanto te han gustado y tantos buenos ratos te han aportado. Es un trabajo duro en el que además se invierte mucho dinero, pero la satisfacción al ver el resultado final hace que merezca la pena.

En el caso de estos cosplays en concreto, el romance de Chizuru y Okita en Hakuouki tiene ese

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Segundo aniversario del intercambio japonés en Madrid

Se celebró como siempre en el bar Oneill´s de Madrid situado en la calle del Principe nº12 en el centro de Madrid. Participaron alrededor de 170 personas, tanto españoles como japoneses, que compartieron grandes momentos participando en actividades como el karaoke, maquillaje, sesiones de fotos y una pista de baile. Por supuesto, la actividad que más triunfó fue el karaoke, mucha gente se animó a cantar canciones japonesas e incluso a hacer coreografía de sus grupos musicales preferidos.


Fue un día muy divertido y especial pero hay que recordar que todos los viernes a partir de las 8 de la tarde se celebra siempre el intercambio con varias actividades cada día y también se organizan viajes para que los japoneses conozcan ciudades de España así como lugares interesantes.  Muchos japoneses que vienen a estudiar español o a la universidad en España pasan por el intercambio para poder mejorar así su español y para hacer amigos. Los españoles que van al intercambio normalmente

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