I Love Music

<First prize winner>    Maria Feel


My life is music. I could never imagine my life with no music, as it takes up a huge part of me. It all started back when I was six, when my fingertips touched the piano and the sound tickled my ears. From that moment, my music passion thrived; every note, beat, or sound makes my world brighter. When I turned fifteen, I stepped out of my comfort zone and started to sing trying to break my fear. Also, I am following highly reputable and talented musicians to widen my musical talent, not to mention the fun times spent with friends and karaoke nights where the microphone is a part of me. Sometimes, When I am away from my musical instruments, I feel the strive of going back to my world. I usually play some music in my head that feeling never leaves me. I am always active when it comes to sharing music with people as I highly enjoy all music related aspects. To sum up, I believe music is an international la

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