I love fashion

First-prize winner Myla Mishchenko


There are many reasons to love fashion…

Fashion is art. It erases barriers. It can take you from one part of the world to another. You can feel the culture of a country by wearing its national clothes. You may not know the language, but understand a person by looking at what he wears.


Fashion helps to express yourself. You can show your feelings, your mood, your thoughts through the clothes. If I feel sad – I wear a black dress. If I feel happy – I put on pink clothes. Fashion can help you to create yourself.


Fashion connects people. You feel closer to those who wear same clothes as you do. Iconic clothes can express your common interests. Fashion makes communities.


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I love Cosplay

First-prize winner   Sonic


First of all, I’d like to tell that I was always in love with Japanese culture and because of this love now I’m studying Japanese language and literature at the university. Elf Elwing became my first cosplay ever so it will always be special for me. Well? I was thinking about making some cosplay for almost a year but couldn’t find the right character. And once, when I started watching anime “Shining tears x Wind” I saw Elwing and realized “That’s it! That’s what I’m looking for! She’s my character!” so I started working on this cosplay immediately and that was a real pleasure to work on character you love. I can certainly say that I put a part of my soul in Elwing cosplay.




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I love Lolita Fashion

Lolita fashion in Ukraine


Ukraine is the largest country in Europe, but the JSF and Lolita communities are very small – there counts not more than 30 Lolita lifestylers in the whole country. Ukraine is not much economically powerful and the laws here miss mark PayPal and international banking standards, so shopping from Japan brands is expensive and hard. But that’s why, girls in Ukraine, who like the Lolita fashion, work more on their looks, not on their wardrobe quantity.


The biggest Lolita communities in Ukraine base in the capital city – Kyiv. The most famous is “Ichigo Kissaten”, which consists of 8 active members and leaders. They make lots of their own photoshoots, organize meet-ups and help novices. They even have their own Lolita and cosplay handmade atelier! Most of the girls have been in the style for more than 5 years, some of them even visi

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