Friday, September 6, 2013 Category : FOOD


1. Sasebo Burger


Address:   仙台市青葉区国分町2-14-25.


Two minutes walk from Kotodai-koen Subway Station.


Open hours: Monday-Thursday: 10 am-2 am. Friday-Saturday: 10 am-4 am. Sundays and Holidays: 10 am-12 pm. Lunch time: 11 am-2 pm.


They proudly say that they serve the “best ” and you cannot really blame them for their pride in their food. Although I am not a big fan of burgers, I must say that this place definitely impressed me. With American-style décor, this place has a fun atmosphere and tasty burgers! Lunch will cost around 880 yen (dishes come with fries, salad, a soft drink and even a dessert!), but the opening hours are a bit limited. The average meal will cost around 1200 yen and it is totally worth it.


They have an assortment of different toppings and fillings for their burgers. I would personally recommend the avocado-cheese burger, which is very filling, and delicious. For those who prefer simpler burgers, standard burgers are also available. The most distinctive thing about these burgers is their secret dressing which turns simple buns with cutlets into a special meal. The additional sides such as onion rings and French fries will not disappoint: the fries are crispy and salty; the onion rings are savory, light and fluffy. Definitely a restaurant worth a visit!


2. Torigoya


Address: 1-54 Daiwa Asahi Building 1F, Aoba-ku, Sendai, Kakyoin 2-chome, TEL.022-263-2601


Open hours: 17.30-24.00




For everyone who loves meat in any form, this place is a great find. Very well-prepared yakitori (grilled meat; usually skewered chicken) is what you’ll get here. The restaurant itself seems small but actually has the capacity for more than 10 people, so it is a pretty good spot for a Friday night outing with friends. The owner of the restaurant describes it is “retro” and “nostalgic” implying that it serves traditionally made yakitori as it used to be in old Japan.


Besides the standard chicken skewers, this place has prepared many special yakitori surprises. You can even try a hamburger skewer! It’s an impressive size and the most delicious tasting one I can think of. Or you can try the tomato, bacon salad with the softest white meat in sour mayo sauce? Not only is the taste delicious, but also the presentation of the dishes is also excellent. Of course juicy chicken freshly cooked on charcoal will remain the best dish at this restaurant, but the other dishes are also worth a try! If you want to try to traditional yakitori, this is the place to do it.


However, such an overwhelming amount of meat must be supplemented by vegetables, so do not forget to order a couple of salads too! The drinks’ menu is also pretty good and has a list of nice cocktails and beers.



3.Middle Mix (オリエンタルダイニングバー middle mix)


Address: Hochin building B1, 2-10-2, Kokubuncho, Aoba-ku, Sendai-shi, Miyagi, 980-0803


Open hours: Monday-Thursday and Sunday 18.00-3.00; Friday and Saturday 18.00-5.00


The only Israeli restaurant in Sendai has a great, traditional atmosphere, an Israeli flag on the wall, and a TV showing Israeli programmes regarding the people’s hardships with emigrating from the Soviet Union (with Hebrew and Russian subtitles). The Israeli owner of the restaurant has a charming distinctive accent and makes the place feel very authentic and welcoming.

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The average cost in this restaurant will be 3000 yen and on certain days you can even enjoy the belly dance performance by stunning dancers.

As for the menu, it’s quite authentic and includes many exotic dishes such as special lamb shish kebab, Turkish pizza, Morocco-originated haraime and rice, risotto-majedora, and spicy falafel. All these dishes taste divine and are worth tasting even for the sake of experiencing something totally new.


This place also serves shisha tobacco, which completes the Middle Eastern atmosphere.