Heian Jingu Shrine

Tuesday, July 16, 2013 Category : KYOTO

Intro: For most tourists, the first impression of Kyoto may be that it is the home of many shrines, be they large, small; on the main streets, hidden down side streets, shrines are everywhere in Kyoto.

We would like to introduce you to Heian Jingu Shrine in Kyoto with the biggest “Torii”, which is a scarlet coloured door/gate representing worship of Gods’s home. The history of Heian Jingu Shrine dates back to just over 100 years ago. In 1985, it was built to commemorate moving the capital to Heian-kyo (Kyoto) for 1100 years. Unlike most Shrines, which worship gods, Heian Jingu Shrine worships two historical Emperors of Japan, namely Emperor Kammu (737~806) and Emperor Komei (1831~1866). The former was the first ruler of Heian-Kyo, and the other was the last one before the Capital moved to Tokyo. There is also a beautiful garden ‘Shin’en’, which is one of the masterpieces of Japanese gardens.

Specifics: The garden consists of four smaller gardens. All of them are surrounded by water and plants; however they are different from each other in terms of style. You can enjoy cherry blossoms in spring, wind and shadow in summer, maple leaves in autumn, and snow in winter. Therefore, it is enjoyed by tourists all year round. Besides, ‘Festival of the Ages’ (Jidai-matsuri in Japanese), one of the three major festivals in Kyoto, is held on October 22 each year there. You can see the team parade dressed in traditional costumes of each era in Japan. It is one of the events that should not be missed in Kyoto. What’s more, nearby there are libraries, art galleries, and a zoo. There is plenty to do so tourists can spend a whole day there.


Heian Jingu ShrineGarden


Transport: There are buses from Kyoto Station to ‘Kyoto Kaikan Bijutsu-kan Mae’ bus stop, then it’s a 3minute walk. Or a 10 minute walk from “Higashi-yama” Tozai line subway stop or a 15 minute walk from Keihan Railway’s Sanjo Station

Entrance fee and time: Shrine: Free       6:00a.m.~5:00p.m. (11/1 ~2/14) 6:00a.m.~5:30p.m.(2/15~3/14,10/1~10/31) *10/22: 6:00a.m.~0:00p.m        6:00a.m.~6:00p.m.(3/15 ~9/30)              *12/31~1/5 special time Garden: Adult¥600/Child¥300/ Group discount       8:30a.m.~4:30p.m. (11/1 ~2/29) 8:30a.m.~5:00p.m.(3/1 ~3/14,10/1~10/31) *10/22: 9:30a.m.~11:30p.m         8:30a.m.~5:30p.m.(3/15 ~9/30)


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