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Saturday, February 20, 2016 Category : Friends/Amigos, Ukraine

First-prize winner   Sonic


First of all, I’d like to tell that I was always in love with Japanese culture and because of this love now I’m studying Japanese language and literature at the university. Elf Elwing became my first cosplay ever so it will always be special for me. Well? I was thinking about making some cosplay for almost a year but couldn’t find the right character. And once, when I started watching anime “Shining tears x Wind” I saw Elwing and realized “That’s it! That’s what I’m looking for! She’s my character!” so I started working on this cosplay immediately and that was a real pleasure to work on character you love. I can certainly say that I put a part of my soul in Elwing cosplay.








The costume is very simple, but her cosplay has a very unique design. She expresses anime characters vividly and her photographs are just like a scene straight out of the anime.

IMG_4254-1 (3)

Her photographer has captured the character perfectly and created a real sense of fantasy and mythical wonder, especially with the choice of location to take the photographs, which are set against a beautiful back drop of dreamy woods.



BMJ International Exchange Association

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