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Saturday, September 5, 2015 Category : Belarus, Friends/Amigos

First-prize winner   Kseniya


I’m in love with asian culture and asian movies. What about this shooting – I wanted to make something in “Memoirs of Geisha” movie style from the moment when I saw it the first time. Dance “Snow” was so beautiful…and I decided to show how I feel it.

I found a beautiful kimono, ordered a japan wig (150 cm!) and organized a team. After I spent much time retouching these photos.  I can say that it’s my creative child and I was very glad when I finished everything. At the moment “Memoirs of Geisha” is my favorite shooting.





The winner of our fashion photo contest is Ms. Kseniya Arhangelova, who submitted a great photo.

 Memoirs of Geisha 3

This photo can be appreciated as a work that describes Geisha who went through turbulent times and lacked control in their own lives, like the heroin of Sayuri (Memoirs of a Geisha). There is a lot of sorrow and emotion in this image, we therefore felt it was worthy of the First Prize.


BMJ International Exchange Association

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