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Lolita fashion in Ukraine


Ukraine is the largest country in Europe, but the JSF and Lolita communities are very small – there counts not more than 30 Lolita lifestylers in the whole country. Ukraine is not much economically powerful and the laws here miss mark PayPal and international banking standards, so shopping from Japan brands is expensive and hard. But that’s why, girls in Ukraine, who like the Lolita fashion, work more on their looks, not on their wardrobe quantity.


The biggest Lolita communities in Ukraine base in the capital city – Kyiv. The most famous is “Ichigo Kissaten”, which consists of 8 active members and leaders. They make lots of their own photoshoots, organize meet-ups and help novices. They even have their own Lolita and cosplay handmade atelier! Most of the girls have been in the style for more than 5 years, some of them even visited and lived in Japan. They also like other Japanese street fashion styles and often combine them. Sometimes they even held themed meet-ups for special occasions like spooky meet-ups for Halloween, or New Year colors themed, ouji of mori meetups.

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The girls from other cities usually come to the capital to hang out together, or held their local own tea parties. There are no Lolita festivals in the country, but some Anime and Cosplay ones have street fashion nominations, like “Lolita defile” on OTOBE festival in Kyiv.

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The people in Ukraine are steel pretty much conservative, especially in the countryside, so girls and boys in Lolita fashion often face a lot of criticism and hate in the streets. But still they continue wearing their favorite styles because it makes them feel happy and beautiful.


Special award for Artistic expression

Ms. Myla Mishchenko




The image of a woman wearing a black Gothic dress with red flowers in her hair, posing in a grand, period style house has an air of mystery about it, yet expresses a certain femininity, beauty and romanticism. 

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This Gothic Lolita fashion style is elegant and graceful, which is portrayed very well in this photograph.


BMJ International Exchange Association

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