Kinkakuji Temple

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Intro: Originally, the Kinkakuji Temple built in the 14 century, was a villa of General Ashikaga Yosimasa. After his death, it became a temple of remembrance of him, and was designated as UNESCO world heritage site in 1994. The temple is famous for the 3-floor pavilion decorated with clinquant gold foil over the pond, and this is reason that it is called Kinkakuji in Japanese, which means a temple of the clinquant pavilion. It is a spectacular place you can visit all year round, but it is strongly recommended to visit on a sunny day in fall because the maple leaves will turn red, and the Kinkakuji Temple will become one of the most colorful temples in the world with a blue sky and white clouds, and radiant sunshine. Besides the pavilion, there is also an interesting pine tree and ponds in the garden. The tree is said to have been planted by Syougun Ashikaga Yosimasa over 6 hundred years ago. The water is also believed to have been the washing water for the General.

Tips: Try your best to visit there right after the opening time or right before the closing time on a weekday as that way it will be less busy which will allow you to fully enjoy your experience at the Kinkakuji Temple without the crowds.

Specifics: In fact, Kinkakuji Temple was destroyed by a fire in 1950. The building we have today was reconstructed in 1955. Mishima Yukio, a writer famous across not only Japan but also across the world, wrote the novel ‘Kinkakuji Temple’ based on this fire incident at the temple.

Transport and the area: There are buses from Kyoto Station to Kinkakuji-michi bus stop(¥220/Child¥110), then it’s a 1 minute walk from there. We also suggest you pay a visit to Ryoanji Temple and Ninna-ji Temple nearby. Both of them are also designated as UNESCO world heritage site. You can board a bus at Kinkakuji-michi bus stop, or just walk along the “green trail’ from the bus stop to get there in 20 minutes.


Kinkakuji Temple 2Seats for tea in Kinkakuji Temple

Entrance fee and time:

Kinkakuji Temple:

Adult¥400/Child¥300/without group discount

Opening time: 9:00a.m.~5:00p.m.(Last entrance:4:30p.m.)

No holidays


Ryoanji Temple:


Opening time: 8:00a.m.~5:00p.m. /8:00a.m.~4:30p.m.(Dec. ~Feb.)

No holidays


Ninna-ji Temple:


Opening time: 9:00a.m.~5:00p.m. /9:00a.m.~4:30p.m.(Dec. ~Feb.)

No holidays


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