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Saturday, January 7, 2017 Category : SIGHTS, TOKYO

In the depths of Akasaka lies a place that holds the secrets of Japanese legendary underground warriors: it’s dark and dim like a cave and very few get the privilege of entering this secret place…it is in fact, a Ninja restaurant. It’s such a popular ninja restaurant, particularly among tourists, so making a prior reservation is a must.


The first thing you’ll notice when you enter the Ninja restaurant is that it resembles a cave: it’s dimly lit, the walls appear rocky and there’s little in the way of décor, making the ninja staff’s movements almost unnoticeable. You’ll start your experience with a tour through this cave which involves some running about in a small maze and crossing the “dangerous river” with the assistance of the ninja staff’s tricks and magic. Depending on your booking and the number of people in your group, you’ll be allocated a separate room or area of the restaurant.

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The restaurant also offers a trick show privately at every table, which is included in the price of the set menu. The ninja magician performs several different tricks involving lights, cards, balls and more, which is fun for both adults and children.


To start with you will be offered a drink, which is not included in the set menu, but I highly recommended that you try one of the drinks on offer. There are all kinds of ninja drinks, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic, including so-called beauty drinks. We tried the Mona Lisa tea which was really delicious, and much more than just a simple tea!

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Food-wise, we chose the “tasting course” which offered seven different kinds of dishes including appetizers and dessert. Be ready to eat a lot as there are many dishes such as chicken, tempura, sushi and noodles. For our appetizer we had a black rice cracker in the shape of small star-blades – “shuriken”, used by ninjas to attack their enemies. All the dishes were delicious and imaginative, but the highlight of the tasting course was “kodaimai” – so called “ancient rice”, which is bright red in color and is rarely served in restaurants these days. We had sushi with kodaimai which was served alongside another strange looking sushi with a kind of sponge cake on it…only in Japan!

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Along with our dessert of ice-cream, we were offered a free drink of coffee, green tea or Ceylon tea, which was the perfect end to an amazing dinner!


Just as you’re leaving the restaurant, be prepared to be approached by the ninja staff who have an “important secret message just for you”…


In conclusion, if you want an unforgettable night tasting delicious “ninja” food and enjoying ninja-style entertainment, this is the place is for you. We promise it’ll be a memorable evening!!


The restaurant is a one minute walk from Akasaka mitsuke station on the Marunochi or Ginza lines.


As we mentioned before, prior reservation is required and we recommend that you choose your course/menu at this time, especially if you have some dietary restrictions (it’s better to mention this in advance). They can tailor the menu to meet your requirements if you have allergies or food preferences. Vegetarian options are also available. The staff speak very good English and will reply to your online reservation in English. The restaurant is open from 5pm to 1am from Monday to Saturday (5pm to 11pm on Sundays and holidays). Children are welcome from 5pm to 7pm on weekdays and anytime on weekends and holidays. They also have party options available for children. Check out their website to make a reservation and for more information: http://www.ninjaakasaka.com/

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