Robot restaurant

Thursday, July 30, 2015 Category : Entertainment, RECOMMENDATIONS, RECOMMENDED PLACES, SIGHTS, TOKYO

What is Robot restaurant?

The name of this restaurant might be misleading as it’s not quite a restaurant and it’s not entirely robot themed, although it does feature robots. There are several drinks you can choose from and a 1000 yen traditional Japanese bento (lunch box). However, a trip to Robot Restaurant is more about the unique entertainment, than about the food, as during your visit, you’ll see a performance including live music, dancers, a robot fight and more, all in a backdrop of colours and lights galore. A visit to Robot restaurant will surely be one of the highlights of your Tokyo experience.



Why to go there?

The performance is dynamic, crazy and rather spectacular. Even the waiting room (Rainbow Lounge) where everyone gathers before the show, has 12,000 bulbs on the walls and claims to “put even Las Vegas to shame”.


What you’ll see is a sparkling, eclectic, and, if one dares to say, a bizarre show featuring cabaret and robot remote controlled wagons. Reportedly it cost 10 million dollars to build this venue, which opened in July 2012. The show is very impressive; as the performance unfolds, the stage builds up like 3D origami figures and continuously changes.  The show is in several parts (with intervals in-between performances) and starts with a drum performance using some traditional Japanese instruments, it moves on to a Marching Band, a Robot Fighting Show, and a story featuring Kung-Fu Panda and many other characters. During the final performance of the show, glow/light sticks are distributed to the audience to use when cheering and so that they can be a part of the visual feast!


It is without a doubt a very unique experience, and something you will only get the chance to see in Japan.



How long does the experience last?

The show itself is 90 minutes, but you are asked to come 30 minutes early to line up to receive your ticket. Even on weekdays, there is a big crowd, so getting in early is worth it. They have native-English speaking staff too. It’s worth mentioning that those, who are sensitive to loud noise, are offered headphones to use during the show, as it is quite a loud performance in parts.


The show has 4 different start times: 16:00, 17:55, 19:50 and 21:45 everyday (for scheduled maintenance days check the official website http://www.shinjuku-robot.com/pc/schedule.php?lng=en).



How much does it cost?

The entrance fee is 7000 yen. If you want a lunch box, it is an additional 1000 yen. Bear in mind that you can most likely buy discounted tickets online. As for August 2015, Voyagin offers 15 %, Yokoso-japan.jp, Japanican.com and beautyofjapan reduced the price to 5500 yen (21% off), Veltra.com goes even further by making it 5200 yen (26 % off) in a sale (The discounts are for a limited time only, so check them prior to reservation).



Where is it located?

The restaurant is located in Kabukicho, Tokyo’s neon and red light district, famous for pachinko’s and entertainment arcades. A short walk from Shinjuku and Seibu-Shinjuku stations.