Yodobashi Camera Akiba

Prepare yourself to see the latest in electronics and technology. Yodobashi Camera is a chain store based in Shinjuku, that open its huge Akihabara branch in 2005. It has 9  floors (not including the basement floors) selling all the electronics you’ll ever need, including cellphones, toys, appliances, computers and audio equipment. It even has restaurants and a batting center on its upper floors, so believe us when we say it is huge. If there is one store you have to see in Akihabara, it is Yodobashi Camera. Although not all of the staff speak English, they are more than willing to help you and fulfill all your shopping needs. However, remember before going on a spending spree to check the prices of the items back home, as some of them might be cheaper in your own country. Nevertheless, it is worth it, to go and check out the latest trends in cameras and electronics. Definitely, one stop that you won’t regret.

Unlike many other locations, Y

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There is a back alley smack bang in the middle of Kyoto’s shopping and entertainment district which has gradually become the centre of a new fashion movement. While this alley does not seem to have an official name, it is becoming known as ‘Sou-Sou’s street’ by fashionable types, with as many as 7 different of Sou-Sou’s funky little shops in a 100 meter area. Though Tokyo and Osaka are Japan’s major fashion centres, Sou-Sou has created a fashion style which draws fans from both the bigger cities and across the world by having a uniquely Kyoto approach and mixing Japanese, Eastern and Western styles in a way that is experimental but still adapted to modern life and fashions.

Sou-Sou: ‘Creating modern design based on Japanese tradition.’
Sou-Sou started business in 2003/4, and is now celebrating its 10th year. They started out by selling what is still one of their biggest sellers and most recognizable items, ‘jikatabi’ or ‘tabi’ shoes

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OIOI (Shinjuku Headquarter新宿マルイ本館):

Known as Marui in Japanese or O-yi O-yi (O as for “Off”) by foreigners, this is a decent department store with high-quality, elegant items for ladies as well as men. Until Sep 30 (Mon), 5% discount is provided if you show your UnionPay (银联 in Chinese) Card, and you can pay either by card or in cash. For more information in Japanese, English or Chinese, please have a look by clicking the following URL.

Website: http://www.0101.co.jp/stores/guide/store980.html

Restaurant and café: here not only can you find Starbucks, Chinese and Italian restaurants but also Sushi restaurants which offer a variety of choices of food after your day of shopping. If you want to have a quick look at the food pictures from each restaurant before going, here is the link,


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