Miyajima is a sacred island located close to Hiroshima. The island’s official tourism website calls it “an Island where People and God live together”.   It is one of the extremely popular “nihon sankei” – the 3 most scenic places in Japan. Unlike the other two – Matsushima and Amanohashidate – Miyajima is easily accessible and definitely worth a visit, especially if you are planning a visit to nearby Hiroshima.


As for sightseeing in Miyajima, simply by taking a stroll around the island you can see many interesting shrines and pagodas. You can also hike up Mt. Misen. Overnight stays in local ryokans (old, traditional Japanese bed and breakfast hotels), is also a very popular thing to do on the island, as Miyajima is considered to be a rather romantic spot.


Wild deers can be seen on the island wandering freely as you walk around. This gi

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Although many sightseeing spots in Hiroshima are located within walking distance from each other, budget wise, it might be worth purchasing trip cards for Hiroden street cars. Hiroden offers a 1 day limitless ride trip card for 600 yen to use on Hiroden street cars. If you are also planning to visit Miyajima, a 1 day trip card for 840 yen, which includes a round trip on a ship, is highly recommended. There is also an option to buy a 2000 yen trip card for 2 days, which also includes a rope-way ride fee (the rope-way ride fee itself is 1800 yen for a round trip). Otherwise, a single ride on Hinoden costs 150 yen.

If you have a JR pass, you might consider using JR lines to commute from Hiroshima to Miyajima. For sightseeing you can hop on the Hiroshima Sightseeing Loop Bus called “Hiroshima meipuru-pu”, which is free with a JR pass, and 200 yen for one ride, 400 yen for a one-day ticket otherwise. We advise c

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