Sendai guide

If you have a lengthy stay in Japan and you grow weary of the noisy, electro-town of Akiba, or if the bright and vivid outfits of Harajuku folks tire your eyes, then Sendai is the place to go. Located 300 km away from Tokyo and only 2 hours by Shinkansen (high-speed train), Sendai is an amazing place for a relaxing and enjoyable travel experience full of breathtaking landscapes, beautiful nature and narrow streets.

So what is so unique about Sendai that would encourage you to take the time to visit and to spend the money on the Shinkansen to travel there?

First of all, unlike overpopulated Tokyo, Sendai has a population of only 1 million! If you are like me coming from a country with a population of 16 million, this number probably would not stun you, but again think about it: it is 12 million less than in Tokyo! There is a much more calm and serene atmosphere and people do not rush around like crazy so you won’t feel overwhelmed by crowded streets, like you do in Tokyo. Besides

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